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Transmedia targets lucrative gaps in the entertainment market with high-concept properties. A key success factor that elevates our properties above most others in the market is that our properties target fresh story subjects specifically designed to capture audience imagination. Additionally, to maximize success, within each subject matter, we specifically build current demand drivers into our projects.


People want to be entertained with subjects they care about and with relatability that promotes full audience engagement. Our projects target audience cravings in each of the product categories, but with new exciting intellectual properties carefully designed and executed to create fan obsession, which is the best path to economic success. Thus, given the current entertainment market evolution towards a greater focus on quality, we expect that demand for Transmedia's content to be extremely strong within the entertainment industry and most importantly with consumers.


Properties with commercial potential equal to the properties held by Transmedia are in short supply in the entertainment industry, especially so with respect to fresh flagship quality content with potential to significantly impact market share and profitability, including for the biggest players. Flagship content that can successfully be exploited across various media, such as those held by Transmedia, is the most difficult to come by, with those able to develop such properties achieving the most success.

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